Secure Video-on-Demand Drives Revenue for iOS Devices; Live Event Streaming Expands Audiences for iOS Devices; Cross-Device Analytics Reveal User and Device Trends
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Mountain View, Calif.–March 1, 2011, Ooyala, Inc., www.ooyala.com, the leader in online video technology, today announced the industry’s most comprehensive set of mobile video publishing tools, giving publishers the ability to deliver live streaming video and secure video-on-demand to iOS devices. The release dramatically expands the reach and monetization capabilities of publishers and broadcasters. Additionally, the company introduced a broad set of cross-device analytics that reveal actionable insights into device usage, viewer preferences and overall video effectiveness over days, weeks or months.

“iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices are critical targets for video—and delivery must be secure, simple and easy to analyze for publishers,” said Bismarck Lepe, President of Products at Ooyala.  “We are the first to deliver secure video on demand to iOS devices, allowing our customers to confidently deliver and monetize video. Live streaming to iOS devices gives publishers access to vast mobile audiences on the most popular mobile devices in use today. Our analytics give insights that help publishers gain a deep understanding of viewer preferences and device trends, and ultimately maximize revenue with each stream. This comprehensive suite is unmatched in our industry and unlocks new value for video.”

With the release, Ooyala offers the most extensive set of analytics for mobile video. New insights into cross-device and browser usage as well as user engagement, viewer trends and preferences, and geographic reach are available through standard online reports. These insights enable optimized delivery and advertising strategies. Individual video, label and account-wide analytics inform publishers and advertisers to enable optimal revenue strategies. Unique trends reports show user activity, by device, over time. 

Toby Wright, Chief Technology Officer at Telegraph Media Group commented on the new Ooyala mobile video suite: "The Ooyala real-time analytics have already been a huge benefit to Telegraph Media Group. The introduction of these new features will provide us an even greater insight as to how audiences consume video on smartphones and tablet devices, as we venture into these digital territories.”

Only Ooyala offers secure delivery of video-on-demand to iOS and other devices in a complete integrated suite of technologies. Video on demand is fully digital-rights protected with Ooyala. With the addition of live event streaming to iOS devices, publishers instantly gain access to a broad and growing global audience. Forrester Research states that there will be mobile video capability in 76% of actively used US cell phones by 2013.1 According to Apple, the iPhone installed base grew at 86% year over year in Q1, and they sold over 7.3m iPads in that quarter.2  eMarketer expects mobile video revenue to triple to $1.4B by 2014.3 Finally, Nielsen reports that mobile video consumption increased more than 43 percent on a year-over-year basis, while the amount of time spent consuming video grew almost 7 percent.4

"With our cross-device analytics we've already seen that mobile viewers watch twice as long as viewers on a browser. With insights like these, our customers will be able to pitch, plan and monetize video more effectively," added Lepe.  

Ooyala’s mobile video suite is the most recent addition of scalable, high-performance video technologies for publishers and brand manufacturers. The suite underscores the company’s mission to deliver innovation in video publishing, analytics and monetization across the widest variety of browsers, mobile devices and set-top boxes. 

Ooyala is the leader in online video management, analytics and monetization. Our integrated suite of technologies and services give content owners the power to expand audiences and the deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video. Ooyala serves hundreds of global media companies and marketers including Endemol, Fremantle Media, Telegraph Media Group, Vans, Vice Magazine and Yahoo! Japan. Visit Ooyala and follow @Ooyala on Twitter.



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