Ooyala Launches "Swift," Version 2.0 of the Ooyala Player


Ooyala Launches "Swift," Version 2.0 of the Ooyala Player

Mountain View, CA., May 27, 2009 - Leading online video provider, Ooyala, is announcing a significant update to its video player, now making it one of the lightest, most feature-packed and versatile video players available today. The more advanced video player, newly named "Swift," improves the overall online viewing experience, reduces the likelihood of video abandonment, and features an extensible plug-in architecture. Approximately ~20-30 websites including Teen.com, Glam.com, TvGuide.com, JellyTelly.com, BigThink.com, Oasisoftheseas.com, Arsenal.com, and AVP.com have been using the pre-launch video player.

With this release, online viewers watching video with Swift can now enjoy a smoother, faster play-back experience. The Swift player is able to quickly detect the available bandwidth environment and dynamically adjust the video experience throughout the viewing session. Intelligent bandwidth detection is an integral part of the company's adaptive bit rate technology. Thus far, Ooyala is the only company able to offer online video delivery in Flash using adaptive bitrate technology, without requiring Flash 10 or Flash Media Server 3.5.

Swift also features a completely modular design. For many online viewers, this will mean greater access to more advanced options such as live streaming and synchronized playback. For publishers and developers, the new extensible design allows for on-demand loading of components and very simple integration of new, custom modules.

Swift Feature Highlights:

  • Reduced player size resulting in faster load times and lower abandonment rates.
  • Modular architecture enabling faster innovation and easier integration of new functionality.
  • Higher quality playback driving greater video consumption and engagement.
  • Enhanced UI and flexible controls producing a highly customized viewing experience.
  • Improved bandwidth detection providing seamless playback.

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