Ooyala now supports streaming to Facebook Live

Ooyala Live enables broadcasters, operators, and media companies to deliver TV channels, ad-hoc or scheduled live events and related VOD catalogs for streaming to any device at any time. An integrated solution with a focus on ease of use Ooyala Live helps companies reach and monetize their audience.

All of your live streams, ad-hoc events, scheduled live events or even linear programming can be broadcast to Facebook, supported by an integration to Facebook's Live API. Reach a wider audience, and engage with them in new and interactive ways by taking advantage of additional features of Facebook's Graph API with access to your live video's comments, mentions and reactions.

Customer Control

Enjoy instant provisioning of linear streams and full event management with Live to VOD capabilities by utilizing a single admin console that will drastically reduce the time it takes to provision, program, and distribute a channel. Including support for worldwide live distribution through CDNs, as well as enabling Live-to-VOD conversion, DVR capabilities, and direct export to Facebook Live, the Ooyala Live workflow manages the channel/event provisioning pipeline.

End-to-End Platform

Fully integrated with Ooyala’s CMS to realise the full benefits of superior content management, video playback, delivery, syndication, content discovery, video recommendations and monetization tools, as well as industry leading analytics from Ooyala IQ and flawless playback.

Active Monitoring

With active monitoring of your stream, get immediate notifications and alerts from the entire end to end platform, including live stream telemetry data. Ooyala Live provides a portal to proactively monitor the overall live experience.