Users Help Themselves with Online Tutorials Powered by Ooyala

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) December 14, 2010 –Virgin Mobile Australia is using Ooyala’s Backlot video platform to assist customers as they interact online for help and support, Ooyala announced today. Virgin Mobile Australia's new tutorial videos help customers by showing them how to solve their issues, rather than making them ring help lines or wade through pages of text. Powered by Ooyala, these help and support videos put the customer in control, help them solve their problems right on the Virgin Mobile Australia website, and reduce everyone's reliance on call centers.

“Video can communicate a great deal of information more quickly and simply than voice or text," said Michael Ham, Web Project Manager at Virgin Mobile Australia. "Rather than having an operator describe where and how to navigate through a website to get the information they need, the videos show them straight away. Customers also have a lot more interaction with these videos, which are quirky and entertaining. They can watch what they want or skip through certain parts.”

The first videos went live on November 5 and there are plans to grow the volume of videos significantly over the next 12 months. The videos are dynamically selected and displayed based on the content on a page. For example, customers in the ‘billings’ area of the website will be presented relevant video options such as ‘Topping up your mobile’ or ‘How to understand your bill.’ The Help & Support widget will give customers one-click access to support tutorials, simulations, frequently asked questions, tips and tricks, gadget reviews and more.

Virgin Mobile Australia expects for online transactions to be 50% of their business in the next year. “Online video is available 24/7, which is not always the case with call center support,” added Ham. “It’s also available when people may not have the opportunity to call, or may not want to speak with customer service. It ensures immediate and easy access; you never have to queue up or wait.”

Virgin Mobile Australia went through an RFQ process and did due diligence with a number of possible video providers before choosing Ooyala for its overall quality of service, ability to deliver video to many different platforms, total cost of ownership and detailed user statistics. The Ooyala reports help Virgin Mobile Australia decide the shape and form their videos should take based on actual consumption data.

“The Ooyala system is so fast to upload and encode videos, and we can output into all different formats,” said Ham. “It’s web-based so we can access the platform from anywhere and it’s great to also have Ooyala’s local support team here in Australia if we need them.”

“We think the way Virgin Mobile Australia is using online video to improve engagement with their customers, while reducing customer service costs, is pretty smart,” added John Treloar, ANZ Director of Ooyala. “One of the areas we’re glad to see Virgin Mobile taking advantage of is the analytics capabilities that Backlot provides. Being able to understand how customers are viewing the videos -- for example, if they are being watched all the way through -- will help confirm how engaging and appropriate they are, and then amend appropriately.”

“We realize our customers are doing more online and we believe Virgin Mobile Australia is amongst the first to use the power of video to improve the customer experience in this way,” added Michael Ham. “Our next step will be to create phone apps that will allow customers to click on the app and be taken to the videos. We believe this process will improve brand engagement with our customers, deliver a better service and, ultimately, reduce costs.”

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