IBC 2018 Recap: 
Content with a Capital "C"

Ooyala’s Jim O’Neill reports on the new trends and breakthroughs at this year’s big show

5G, sports content and an extensible, agile content supply chain are the rising stars in the OTT world moving forward as online content continues to challenge the existing broadcast business.

Sports, from niche to global event, will command big audiences, helping to continue the rocketing adoption of OTT services. But the nature of sports — its appeal from regional to global viewing — will require broadcasters to have access to ever more extensible production and distribution capabilities.

Panels and keynotes at IBC 2018 agreed that content — and the ability to automate and accelerate its voyage through an uber-flexible content supply chain — is driving OTT growth, and will determine who are the big financial winners — and losers — in the coming years.

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