How to Modernize Your Syndication Workflow

Syndication is difficult and time consuming for all content companies. Broadcasters, media companies and brands all face similar challenges:

  • Lack of universal standards means each partner or end point has its own proprietary set of requirements for assets and metadata
  • Delivering content across multiple geographies with language, regulation, and rights requirements is complex to manage
  • Aggregating and preparing assets for distribution is a manual, tedious process that lends itself to human error
  • It’s costly and time consuming to add and maintain syndication partners

In this webinar, we'll cover these challenges and discuss how solutions like Ooyala Flex can help you easily add new partners, reduce operational costs and get content to market faster. We'll also be dedicating time for Q&A, so please come with questions.


Webinar Speakers

Barry Hartman

Product Director, Ooyala Flex


Steve Biondolillo

Product Marketing, Media Logistics