Going Holistic

The Future of Data-driven Video Advertising Revenues

As video platforms and channels converge, holistic ads offer a new way to maximize yield on all screens

If you’re a video provider, your revenue goals are pretty simple: you want to earn more from every video. But reaching that goal can be complex in a world where digital and linear platforms are converging fast and there are now multiple sales channels that sellers need to consider while defining their sales strategy.

Enter holistic video advertising. It’s a new data-driven approach that blends programmatic trading and video ad serving into a single, unified platform. It gives premium video publishers and broadcasters greater visibility and control in direct-sold and programmatic sales channels, with insights that maximize demand and yield for every impression.

In short: It’s a simpler way to earn more from every video. And that’s good news.

You’ll learn more in Ooyala’s new white paper: Holistic: The Future of Data-driven Video Advertising Revenues. Just fill in the fields to download it now.