Ooyala ROI: How Customers Generate 500% Return

Examine the results of a recent IDC white paper sponsored by Ooyala, demonstrating how companies increase their revenues with Ooyala technologies

Quantifying the return on a business investment can be nearly impossible without hard data. Recently, IDC completed an ROI study sponsored by Ooyala to provide that data to the marketplace. This study is now available as a free download, and addresses:

  • The challenges solved by digital video solutions across market segments
  • Core requirements for selecting a video technology partner
  • KPI improvements realized by Ooyala customers
  • Detailed financial analysis of benefits
  • A calculated 5-year ROI estimate showing a payback period of only 3.2 months

To read this study and learn how Ooyala can help your business drive sustainable, profitable revenues, download the white paper now.