The State of the Media Industry 2016

Ooyala’s new report shows that everyone is a producer now—and that speed and mobility loom larger than ever in the
digital future

Everything’s changing… again. Today’s tech-savvy audiences expect to be part of content creation. They’re on the move with smartphones and tablets. They want more video and higher quality and they want it faster. And they expect it all to be personalized for them.

Ooyala’s State of the Media Industry 2016 report goes deep into the details on trends like these. It shows how:

  • Bigger data is creating radical changes in digital publishing
  • Multicultural audiences are transforming mobile consumption
  • Programmatic ad spend is rising—up nearly 85% in 2016

How are major media publishers responding to these trends? (And how should you respond?) Download Ooyala’s report now to learn more.