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The Recipe for Smart Captions with Dalet Media Cortex

Why caption? Why subtitle? Because a large chunk of your audience either needs or prefers to watch video reading text without sound. Subtitles and captions are an essential part of business for any media organization who wants to reach the widest possible audience, for a multitude of reasons: legal requirements, international distribution, accessibility…. Captions provide…

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A Brand New Knowledge Base for Ooyala Flex Media Platform

Now part of Dalet, the Ooyala Flex Media Platform and complementary offerings, are constantly being refreshed with new features and a fully revamped user interface.   We continuously strive to bring our clients the best experience, and with that in mind, we have fully refreshed the Ooyala Flex Media Platform Knowledge Base, aligned to our…

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The Evolution of Sports broadcasting

We have seen an abundance of live streams available to watch Wimbledon for several years. Take Virgin Media for instance – the broadcast channel surprised everyone in 2019 by announcing that it would be offering its customers access to all of the big matches on Centre Court in 4K with HDR. This was a strategic…

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Social Media
Dalet’s Social Media Capabilities are Trending for News Pros

The massive amount of content available to journalists on social media is both a gift and a curse. The ‘wisdom of the crowds’ scenario on social media platforms provides journalists a wealth of real-time commentary on what is – to the digital majority – top breaking news and hot topic trends. News pros can leverage…

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Dalet at HPA Tech Retreat 2019
IMF, Bacon and Bicycles - Dalet at HPA Tech Retreat 2019

Cold desert mornings & IMF conversations! The sound of an alarm clock breaking through the fog of last night’s networking in the bar. It’s still dark outside, but if I don’t ride my bicycle then all those calories will turn me into a heavyweight of the industry. Two hours later, the warm shower has removed…

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10 Things Government Organizations Should Know to Streamline

Government organizations and institutions are facing steep challenges to efficiently manage the massive amounts of multimedia content and associated metadata needed to fulfill their mission to actively reach, inform and better engage with citizens. To overcome these challenges, they require proven solutions that meet their demanding requirements in terms of efficiency, agility, security, cost, and…

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Remote Editing
Empowering Multimedia Editors with Seamless Remote Workflows

Where does Dalet OneCut sit in the Dalet ecosystem and in the news production workflow? One of our key focuses at Dalet is to offer true unified news operations for news organizations. As part of this mission, we have developed a powerful, multimedia editing tool for journalists and storytellers: Dalet OneCut. How is Dalet OneCut…

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Embracing the Future of Media & Entertainment

As the way we consume content changes dramatically, broadcasters and media organizations need to constantly adapt their programming and processes with an ever-shorter time to market to follow the frenzied proliferation of new formats and versions, serving multiple distribution outlets – from theatrical releases, broadcast, social media to VOD and OTT. In a recent report…

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Dalet OnePlay
It’s Showtime! Introducing Dalet OnePlay

An extension of the Dalet Galaxy five MAM, NRCS and Workflow Orchestration platform, Dalet OnePlay is a new-generation studio automation solution designed to modernize live productions, increase audience engagement and open up new revenue opportunities while optimizing operational costs and reliability. Dalet OnePlay was designed to be the perfect complement for show production, making it…

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