Articles by Eric Carson

Is a Media Supply Chain Toolset All I Need?

It’s easy to dismiss legacy MAM applications as over-provisioned for peak operational needs and cumbersome to manage. But slimmer and sleeker does not automatically mean better. New entrants to the market offer media supply chain tools that promise to eliminate the problem of over-provisioning, but at the risk of neglecting essential surrounding components that support…

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Trailblazing Transcoding in the Cloud

Anywhere, at scale and with premium results! Dalet AmberFin has been a go-to media conversion platform for high-end content for years now. Its scalable media processing tools offer transcode, color conversion, packaging, and file transport with an emphasis on the quality of the output. The AmberFin transcode engine was initially designed to run on cost-effective,…

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Doing more for less! How Dalet OnePlay brings live production to the next level

It’s probably safe to say that there’s never been so much pressure for rapid change in the broadcasting industry. The demands for increasing production value with fewer resources is creating mounting pressure. Without a doubt, the year 2020 will be remembered for the need to quickly develop new production methods, new workflows, and new economies….

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