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The story behind Dalet StoreFront

Economists have an unusual word to describe the value in simple commodities like gold and platinum. It’s “fungible,” meaning that a substance is exchangeable. One piece of gold is the same as another piece. When you’re ordering gold, you don’t need to specify anything apart from how much of it you want to buy. You…

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Luc and Lee
How UX drives growth

With the advent of omnipresent technologies (think smartphones) in our daily lives, free/try apps have transformed the way we make products and the way consumers expect to be served up products that are intuitive and enjoyable. Just like consumers flocking from one social app to the other, a new generation of creative media professionals have…

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Altering the Economics for Channel Operations

As consumer demand for video increases, the range of delivery models continues to expand. The challenge facing today’s broadcasters and service providers is to select the technology that can keep pace with this explosion in demand, while anticipating future channel delivery infrastructures and behavioral trends. Computer and storage clouds promise to supplement and ultimately replace…

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