Articles by Phil Rossi

Video Content Marketing for Travel & Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic saw travelers around the world grounded for the better part of two years. The tourism industry experienced staggering losses in revenue as a result. Now, as travel restrictions loosen, video content distributed across a range of channels becomes a required strategy to revitalize interest in travel and tourism. From incredible footage of…

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The Metaverse Era

There is a new world emerging in front of us, and this realm of infinite possibilities has been a work-in-progress for nearly three decades. The year is 2020 and I haven’t changed out of my pajama pants in days. The outside world is quiet tonight, pandemic lockdown in full swing as it has been for…

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Esports and Metadata

The rise of esports has been incredible to watch. From its humble beginnings, esports has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry, generating incredible assets that are multiplying exponentially. With all the metadata generated from various events, what will the industry need to organize it all? With a platform like Dalet Flex, the viral highlights, the stories…

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