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Journalism 2.0: Implementing Centralized News Planning

There is a thrill when change is coming where it is needed. While sometimes there is fear and trepidation in changing a processes that has worked for years, there is also a raw excitement in taking on an entirely different approach, and television news is no different. As long-term innovators, at Dalet we are introducing…

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The Virtual Newsroom: From Concept to Commonplace

Before 2020, the majority of news organizations treated the cloud-based newsroom as an interesting experiment: a technology that might become important in the future, but not necessarily essential part of present-day operations. Too many unknown variables to take into account with a cloud-based newsroom existed, and if the current workflow wasn’t broke, why fix it?…

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Dalet Pyramid for Dalet Galaxy five Newsrooms

With a completely new approach to news production, Dalet Pyramid is designed to embrace change and deliver rapid, high-quality results across multiple media and news audiences. A “story first” methodology modernizes news workflows by putting stories at the heart of the operation, allowing all other production assets to be derived from a central focus on…

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Storytelling 360: How Journalism Has Evolved into Digital Storytelling

Change was evident once the 24-hour news cycle became the standard by which journalists reported events. Today’s cycle includes news consumption over mobile apps, social media, podcasts, streaming media, and so much more. This demand driven by digital platforms calls for a new kind of approach to journalism and content production. Back in The Days:…

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5 New Features of Dalet On-the-Go

I remember the early days of smartphones and the first time I was able to look at emails from my handheld device. That was around 2006-2007 – a revolution. Some saw this as a new constraint, an extra addiction to their already packed work day. Others considered it added freedom. I went from the first…

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Does your NRCS 'get' digital-first?

Here’s the question I hear most when I speak to newsrooms: does your newsroom computer system (NRCS) support digital-first workflows for production and distribution? That’s no surprise, since the need to ramp-up digital news production is growing exponentially even as newsroom budgets continue to shrink. The early, linear, days When dedicated newsroom computer systems first…

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Agility and flexibility to convince your CTO

My last article was all about how Dalet Pyramid can help journalists and newsroom managers stay ahead of the curve with wide collaboration, a 360-degree story-centric approach, and a modern, easy-to-use interface. But every person on our product team knows you don’t go very far without getting CTOs on board. Technology managers want to keep…

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Dalet Pyramid: The Storytelling 360 News Revolution

One of the things that has struck me over my 20-plus years at Dalet is that nobody here has ever assumed that the digital revolution is slowing down for media companies. This realization shapes our corporate strategy and has driven the development of Dalet Pyramid. At the turn of the century, everything seemed technology-driven, as…

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MediaBin hero
Will MediaBins save the world?

(hint: probably not, but they’ll greatly simplify your media life!) I mentioned in a previous blog post that I wanted to spend more time talking about Dalet’s MediaBins, as they can completely transform your production workflow, so let me tell you more… ‘MediaBin’ is often uttered by the Dalet team with great excitement, assuming everyone…

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