Social Media Framework

Empowering editorial and creative teams to better engage with audiences on social media

Social media harvesting

A comprehensive and user-friendly social media framework within the Dalet Unified News Operations workflow

It enables journalists to harvest, analyze, produce and deliver fast-paced news across all social media platforms without leaving their workspace.
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    Get notifications
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    Check tweets and wires

Produce & Package

Re-package television content to make it ready for social posts

The Dalet Social Media Panel allows journalists and news directors to repackage social posts for delivery, including graphics on the timeline with burn-in, open captions, and integrated voiceover.
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    Intuitive UI
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    Personalize to audiences
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    Queue for later

Popularity Analytics

The analytical tools give journalists and producers a summary of how social media posts are performing

Indicators such as the number of views, likes, shares, but also audience comments and threads, allow users to understand how the content they post is actually performing with their audiences.
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    Performance summaries
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    Review comments & threads
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    Monitor and engage

Dive Deeper

Get to know Dalet’s new Social Media capabilities for News Pros

The Dalet Galaxy five Social Media Framework new “Aggregator Panel,” which made its debut at NAB 2019, empowers storytellers who want to leverage social media for their evolving narratives in the newsroom.

Dalet's Social Media Framework Solutions

Complementary Tools

Empower your journalists with the wider Dalet ecosystem

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Dalet Pyramid

Reimagine modern storytelling and deliver meaningful stories

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Dalet On-the-Go

A mobile application designed for News producers on the move

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Dalet Galaxy five

Meet the industry-leading Media Workflow Platform


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